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All Rise now available on Bandcamp.

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Premiering 1.11.2024

“All Rise” is the next single from the forthcoming Antic Clay album “Broom of Fire.” I hope it kindles the fire within, and that you’ll share it with kith and kin!

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Live Events

Table of Souls (excerpt) Live in Krakow

Live at Alchemia, Krakow, Poland June 23, 2023

Thanks to Monika Struś for the capture.

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Photograph by Catherine Duke
An interesting gig at an empty place that longs to be full. Thanks to Catherine Duke for the video.
Photograph by Catherine Duke

More photos and video to come. It was an interesting show in an interesting spot. Atlanta Underground is like a ghost town. Homeless wandering, empty business fronts. So much potential. I sat next to a bronze sculpture of a man feeding a pigeon. Downtown Atlanta. 30 years ago I had a picture taken at the same spot. I’ll post both here shortly. But my overriding feeling was that this place should be thriving. And it ain’t.

IT GOES DOWN SO EASY Well the sun exploded at dawn And two fools who cared carried on into the evening But when the sun was murdered that morn its rays razored two sheep who were shorn All in the light In that wooly muck I did buckle me down on my knees And I went down so easy Lord, I went down so easy My curse was immersed in a dream Where somnambulists peered amid schemes Of my own devising I’m well versed with this machine With each whore and a horrible scene on the horizon Peer down the rim of the pit where the lost all toss their allegiance You’ll see it goes down so easy lord, it goes down so easy. On the hill of that weltering dawn I blinked and you were gone All but your shadow So I fell into the drink I drank in my fill till I sank But that don’t appease me No my terminus won’t approach till that ocean ceases Because it goes down so easy lord, it goes down so easy. Words and Music by Michael Bradley Copyright ©2022 The FurnaceSongs Record Co.

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This World is Mired in Lightless Fires (Antic Clay Sweet Meat Love & Holy Cult) now on Bandcamp


A deep cut from the double CD “Mystagogue” by The Sweet Meat Love and Holy Cult.
Video link:
This World is Mired in Lightless Fires by Antic Clay

This world is mired in lightless fires
and they all conspire to be one with you.

The holy rain falls slow, sustained
each drop takes pains to be one with you.

The coiling sun could come undone
because its serpents want to be one with you.

The maroon-rimmed moon sings blue cocoons
which bleed and bloom to be one with you.

The veins that spiral, surge and twine
emerge combined, to be one with you.

In mountain time, when all beasts are blind
you lie supine for all to view.

Copyright ©2013 FurnaceSongs (ASCAP)
released August 6, 2022
Words and music by Michael Bradley
except: Upright bass by Laine Pierce
Backing vocals by Robin Hensley Pierce
Hammer dulcimer by…?
all rights reserved

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Sing Blood (Antic Clay Sweet Meat Love & Holy Cult) now on Bandcamp

Sing Blood | Antic Clay (

From the “Jarboe Presents The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult – “Mystagogue” album, released January 29th, 2013 on Atavistic Records.

SING BLOOD is one of four songs contributed by ANTIC CLAY to the Sweet Meat Love & Holy Cult project, which was a collaboration of artists primarily from the southeastern United States but also from such diverse locations as Brazil and Bali.

The project was helmed by Jarboe (of SWANS), who also sang backing vocals on this track.

The physical CD is difficult to find, so I’m happy to share these tracks for the first time on Bandcamp. There are also a few outtakes which weren’t included on Mystagogue that I will upload here. I hope you enjoy them.

SING BLOOD by The Sweet Meat Love & Holy Cult
Written by Antic Clay

You’ll watch your father hanging from a lesser tree.
Their hands all frantic about his business and all love reduced to effigy.
And every visage is all malice and bland catastrophe.
Hate for which there is no ballast but lightless fire and hollow creed. Hey! Sing blood.
Feed the swollen god.
Prod the bodies, lance the lords.
Plunge your song into each advancing horde.
Sing blood! Fuel the rising flood!
Prick and goad the bloated waves,
til something red is wrought from you and tossed into the grave
you crave yeah, along with your song.
Appeased by a yellow need for all to sing along!
So come on! Come on! And sing blood!

You’ll watch your father hang and then you’ll dance on by his grave. You’ll breathe one baleful breath before an idiot makes you a slave. At gunpoint. At moneypoint! To shit. To shine. Touché!
And now you stand here and christen me with a bloody black toupee.
Hey: Sing blood! Fellate the flailing god!
Prod the pumpkins, spear the gourds.
Stroke the warwhale and douse the drowning hordes!
Sing blood! They can’t stanch your song!
All that happens, it happens in spades,
while one red thing is wrought from you and tossed
into the grave where you composed one holy song.
Afraid for tomorrow when they eat your only son!
So come on! Come on! And sing blood!
Come on! Hey come on! And sing blood!

(Sing a shallow gallows song. Sing along to the wrong song.
Around here we devour our own. Around here we eat what we’re shown.
Swing on the gallows, shallow throng. That’s you where the shadow is long.
Down here we devour our own. Down here we eat what we’re thrown.)

Lyrics and Music by Michael Bradley Copyright ©FurnaceSongs (ASCAP)


released January 29, 2013
All instruments and vocals by Michael Bradley except bowed/upright bass by Laine Pierce. Additional vocals by Jarboe.


all rights reserved

Live Events

Michael Bradley Live Tonight in Orlando

ELIJAH by Antic Clay (MB solo acoustic)

When Broom of Fire is completed this year, this song will be included.


Well I woke up this morning, clear as a bell I believe I was dreaming at the edge of a wishing well I was casting a line but some were casting spells Hocked down a black spittoon to pit you against yourself Y’all sing along got a song for you children in hell Some ye hung among fork a tongue since they learn how to tell A truer word through a cloak aint never been spoken Crows joke and peck at your scaffold and laugh while you’re choking Elijah! Elijah! The child says to me you know this way leads to dust it’s my destiny to say to you it must It behooves you friend to know why the wind is blowing Tonight in the light lies all idea of knowing Elijah! Elijah! Woe unto him who been workin in the dark And hearken to the beat of a beast with a certain mark These crows did depose me down in the mud While a mosquito rose and showed me mine own blood Elijah! Elijah! Well doesn’t nobody out there care I can barely bear it The meek’ll wonder what it’s worth, what they inherit It’s a mystery built in the dust of the tome on the shelf It’s like history repeating itself It’s like history repeating itself

Music and lyrics by Michael Bradley Copyright ©2022 FurnaceSongs (ASCAP)

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Brother Wolf, Sister Moon. Christmas 2020.


The Eyes of Others

Hello to all, I wish you well wherever you are. I don't post much but I plan to change that. Here is a nice email I thought I'd share. MB


I am contacting you hoping you can help me with some information. I came across the song "The eyes of others" - Myssouri on Spotify, which is an absolutely fantastic song, however, I could not find the lyrics for this beautiful song anywhere on the web, and as much as I tried to figure them out, I still don't understand a few of them.
Would it be possible for you to send me the lyrics? I would be eternally grateful for your help.
Thank you so much and keep up with the amazing work you do.
Best regards,
P.S. Also ran into this old gem, nice to see it's still up.

The Eyes of Others by Myssouri

If I sit absolutely still will I vanish from sight?

How can I make my killing in broad daylight?

Crawling through this crowded world, well I’m surrounded and smothered

How can I win back my life from the eyes of others?

From the eyes, from the eyes of others

On the face of a smirking child am I judged and tried?

And it’s like watching my grave defiled, defiled before I’ve died, before I’ve died

Am I Cain? Am I unable? Unable to love my brother?

Have I been branded? Stained? Stamped? Labeled? In the eyes of others?

In the eyes, in the eyes of others

In a dirty bathroom, in a dirty mirror

I wipe it with my sleeve to see it clearer

But I get lost in the threshold between myself and another

And I awaken a smeared spectacle beneath my mother!

My mother! My mother! My mother!

In the eyes!

Lyrics by Michael Bradley

Copyright©2003 FurnaceSongs (ASCAP)