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Photograph by Catherine Duke
An interesting gig at an empty place that longs to be full. Thanks to Catherine Duke for the video.
Photograph by Catherine Duke

More photos and video to come. It was an interesting show in an interesting spot. Atlanta Underground is like a ghost town. Homeless wandering, empty business fronts. So much potential. I sat next to a bronze sculpture of a man feeding a pigeon. Downtown Atlanta. 30 years ago I had a picture taken at the same spot. I’ll post both here shortly. But my overriding feeling was that this place should be thriving. And it ain’t.

IT GOES DOWN SO EASY Well the sun exploded at dawn And two fools who cared carried on into the evening But when the sun was murdered that morn its rays razored two sheep who were shorn All in the light In that wooly muck I did buckle me down on my knees And I went down so easy Lord, I went down so easy My curse was immersed in a dream Where somnambulists peered amid schemes Of my own devising I’m well versed with this machine With each whore and a horrible scene on the horizon Peer down the rim of the pit where the lost all toss their allegiance You’ll see it goes down so easy lord, it goes down so easy. On the hill of that weltering dawn I blinked and you were gone All but your shadow So I fell into the drink I drank in my fill till I sank But that don’t appease me No my terminus won’t approach till that ocean ceases Because it goes down so easy lord, it goes down so easy. Words and Music by Michael Bradley Copyright ©2022 The FurnaceSongs Record Co.