Broom of Fire


**September 2019 Update: Full band rehearsals. Live shows and powerful collaborations ahead.

I’m very excited to share this new collection of songs with you. I think it’s safe to say my style has matured significantly since Hilarious Death Blues, though fans of HDB will not be disappointed.

What I haven’t determined yet is where I am going to record – shopping for a good studio and a producer/engineer is not always simple. Also, I don’t have an active, full band at this time. Which is my fault. Many of my old player friends have gone inactive, hung up their hats entirely, or need constant prodding to keep momentum going. It’s good work, but it’s work nonetheless. Being older is certainly a factor. But I’ll find the right people sure enough.

What I am seriously contemplating is to launch a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve never done it, but I’ve watched and closely monitored such campaigns by other musician friends, who use social media to galvanize their fan base. I’ve already had several people encourage me to do this, with pledges of financial contribution in advance. This is heartening to be sure. Really it’s just a matter of me deciding to do it – and then doing it.

There’s no good reason to wait – we are in early November. And though I do get in that insular holiday mode this time of year, it’s probably the best time to do it, because many/most people are at their most giving, their work pace is usually slowed down, and well, dark winter weather suits my musical mood very well.

So stay tuned. I’ll develop a plan and make an announcement. Once it’s on, it’s on – and I think that will be good, to keep me from procrastinating.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s enthusiastic encouragement. I have many friends in Europe, particularly Eastern Europe – I must get there some day soon and play some shows for you all.