Live Events

Orpheus by David Sylvian (MB solo acoustic with birds and road din)


ELIJAH by Antic Clay (MB solo acoustic)

When Broom of Fire is completed this year, this song will be included.


Well I woke up this morning, clear as a bell I believe I was dreaming at the edge of a wishing well I was casting a line but some were casting spells Hocked down a black spittoon to pit you against yourself Y’all sing along got a song for you children in hell Some ye hung among fork a tongue since they learn how to tell A truer word through a cloak aint never been spoken Crows joke and peck at your scaffold and laugh while you’re choking Elijah! Elijah! The child says to me you know this way leads to dust it’s my destiny to say to you it must It behooves you friend to know why the wind is blowing Tonight in the light lies all idea of knowing Elijah! Elijah! Woe unto him who been workin in the dark And hearken to the beat of a beast with a certain mark These crows did depose me down in the mud While a mosquito rose and showed me mine own blood Elijah! Elijah! Well doesn’t nobody out there care I can barely bear it The meek’ll wonder what it’s worth, what they inherit It’s a mystery built in the dust of the tome on the shelf It’s like history repeating itself It’s like history repeating itself

Music and lyrics by Michael Bradley Copyright ©2022 FurnaceSongs (ASCAP)