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ANTIC CLAY featured on XRP Radio UK Tonight

ANTIC CLAY will have a feature spot on XRP Radio UK tonight. My friend David B Goodwin will spin “Center of the Night” and speak about my current and past work, between 11 & 12 PM EST tonight. Here’s the link:

Over the past decade I’ve been able to play in Budapest, Prague and Denmark. It’s amazing how many people in places like eastern Europe, Greece and Russia love what you might call Dark Americana. (Nightmaricana?)

Antic Clay’s newest material sees a return to the heavy, hypnotic sounds of Myssouri, who were often compared to pioneers of dark western or southern gothic rock music, such as 16 Horsepower, Nick Cave and Gun Club. Comparisons to The Doors, Pink Floyd and Radiohead were also common. And there’s definitely some Americana influence in the songs. Alternate tunings prevail on the new material, and things get quite heavy – but you definitely wouldn’t consider it metal. Many dreamy atmospheres also arise.
The year 2020 was an ugly feast of disruption for the entire world. In February Antic Clay and the band had commenced working on the new album “Broom of Fire” but were hamstrung by all the “pandemic” circumstances, and ultimately only two singles were released last Christmas, “Center of the Night” and a cover of The Cult’s classic “Brother Wolf Sister Moon,” which features a scorching guest vocal by Mel Parsonz of Royal Thunder. 
The largest obstacle to progress has been the lack of available live shows. Currently the Antic Clay band is rehearsing regularly, working on fleshing out material both new and old, with plans to return to the studio and stage in 2022. 

In the past, Bradley has collaborated with Jarboe (Swans) in the project The Sweet Meat Love and Holy Cult”Sing Blood” by The Sweet Meat Love and Holy Cult featuring Antic Clay:
as well as renowned producer John Fryer on his Black Needle Noise project.”Queen of Dust” by Black Needle Noise, featuring Antic Clay:“That Which Watches” by Black Needle Noise, featuring Antic Clay:

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