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ANTIC CLAY Live at Star Bar Atlanta 1.7.22

We'll be playing Star Bar once again, this time invited by our new friends in Rare Birds, along with The Ides of June. We are "headlining" (wink) so we'll probably be on around 11. No worries - it's a Saturday night! I think it's interesting - our bands are decidedly different, but there's a commonality. Perhaps the hats (grin). In any case Antic Clay will bring a monster set - and we're still not exactly where I want us to be, sonically/musically. We have been rehearsing diligently, despite the typical holiday disruptions. I hope this early 2023 show is as excellent as I've heard us be, and sets the tone for the entire coming year. Tickets here. Or click the poster below for the Facebook Event page.

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ANTIC CLAY Live at 529 Atlanta – ALL RISE (May 2019)

Found some footage I've never shared. This was our debut show as this 3-piece lineup consisting of Michael Bradley, Beau Eadon and Michael Appel. A very early version of All Rise recorded on Mikey's GoPro, and apparently sponsored by Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Want a closeup of a tipped tallboy? Wait for it!

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Photograph by Catherine Duke
An interesting gig at an empty place that longs to be full. Thanks to Catherine Duke for the video.
Photograph by Catherine Duke

More photos and video to come. It was an interesting show in an interesting spot. Atlanta Underground is like a ghost town. Homeless wandering, empty business fronts. So much potential. I sat next to a bronze sculpture of a man feeding a pigeon. Downtown Atlanta. 30 years ago I had a picture taken at the same spot. I’ll post both here shortly. But my overriding feeling was that this place should be thriving. And it ain’t.

IT GOES DOWN SO EASY Well the sun exploded at dawn And two fools who cared carried on into the evening But when the sun was murdered that morn its rays razored two sheep who were shorn All in the light In that wooly muck I did buckle me down on my knees And I went down so easy Lord, I went down so easy My curse was immersed in a dream Where somnambulists peered amid schemes Of my own devising I’m well versed with this machine With each whore and a horrible scene on the horizon Peer down the rim of the pit where the lost all toss their allegiance You’ll see it goes down so easy lord, it goes down so easy. On the hill of that weltering dawn I blinked and you were gone All but your shadow So I fell into the drink I drank in my fill till I sank But that don’t appease me No my terminus won’t approach till that ocean ceases Because it goes down so easy lord, it goes down so easy. Words and Music by Michael Bradley Copyright ©2022 The FurnaceSongs Record Co.

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SUNDAY AT 2:40 PM – 3:40 PM

Underground Atlanta


Underground Atlanta

Fellow musicians will agree that there were always a few anomalous gigs that turned out to be very great. I expect that with this one. Antic Clay at Underground Atlanta on a Sunday afternoon in November. Who knows how we’ll be received? Come on out for something special that won’t take your whole day. Event page:

What: The Downtown Festival and Tour of Lofts is a neighborhood festival that has been on an over ten year hiatus! Needless to say, the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association is thrilled to be bringing the festival back and again welcoming friends from all over Atlanta to our neighborhood!

When: Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13, 2022.

Saturday: Tour of Lofts is 11am to 4:30pm. Festival begins at 11am.
Sunday: Tour of Lofts is 12pm to 3:30pm. Festival begins at 12pm.
Where: The Tour of Lofts will take visitors all around Downtown! Check in for the Tour of Lofts will be at the main Festival area at Underground Atlanta. Specific information to follow.

Why: The Downtown Festival and Tour of Lofts is a fundraiser for the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association as well as an opportunity for Downtown residents and businesses to welcome Atlanta to our neighborhood!

Do I need a ticket? Attending Tour of Lofts requires purchasing a ticket. Attending the Downtown Festival at Underground Atlanta is free!

Other questions? Please don’t hesitate to email

We hope you’ll join us!

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Watch and Share: The Real Anthony Fauci

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CASH BASH 2022 – Antic Clay (MB solo set)

Hmm. What shall I play for thee?
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ANTIC CLAY Live at Terrifest

ANTIC CLAY (full band) will participate in the first annual Terrifest to celebrate the life of our bass player David Kiesey’s sister Terri. Join us for a full day of live music, original theater and hearty discussion – Saturday, September 3rd at Waller’s Coffee Shop. Yes it’s a coffee shop, but much more, including a full stage. Advanced tickets here:

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Watching Alice Nick Cave 2017 porch cover

I look appropriately sad and tired. But I clearly took the time to learn this one. So I like it.

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Hilarious Death Blues – both complete albums now on Bandcamp

Album 1: The Riderless Horse:

Album 2: The Horseless Rider:

Bonus tracks “Mechanically-Separated Blues” and “Human Sunlight” are also included with full album purchase.

“Hilarious Death Blues is a dark, smoldering journey into isolated Americana. It’s country music that’s silently aware of the impending apocalypse, and doesn’t pine over lost love and and the daily grind of an oppressive job. It’s a low and lonesome sound that holds a mirror to existential angst and rages against entropy, ennui, murk and miasma with flourishing, poetic beauty.” –Chad Radford

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Merchant of Souls (Antic Clay Sweet Meat Love & Holy Cult) now on Bandcamp

Another previously unreleased track from The Sweet Meat Love & Holy Cult “Mystagogue” sessions.

I did a basement goof-off lip-sync video in the basement with a great cat who was since murdered by a poodle in Colorado. That’s Wolfie you see at the end. Great cat who loved me.

Here’s the video:


Ye line your pockets with chaos
Ye wreathe my neck with an albatross
And that’s the popular payoff, merchant of souls!

Ye blindly buying redemption
Ye blandly flouting convention
See you just spreading dementia, merchant of souls!

Ye scalped our tickets to paradise
with one particular parasite
Nothing’s working but terror might, merchant of souls!

Merchant of souls

Merchant of misery
Got me tangled down, raw
Collapsed with a grimace on the visions I saw!

I saw the center collapsing
Upon the pinnacle axis
And asses betting on matchsticks, merchant of souls!

I saw the carnally minded
A god-dog mortally wounded
And my reflection was blinded, merchant of souls!

Ye profit off destruction
Ye prophet of distraction
And relative malefaction, merchant of souls!

Merchant of souls

Merchant of misery
Minister of woes
Collapsed with a grimace on the visions I saw!

I saw those butchered pilgrims
The loathsome vulture children
Woven in the cauldron, merchant of souls!

Merchant of souls

Merchant of misery
Got me tangled down raw
Collapsed with a grimace on the vision I saw

Reduced to corpus delicti
Ye use a noose for a necktie
Ye lard your language with alibi, merchant of souls

The dead are born and bred there
The social fabric threadbare
And many heads are shed there, merchant of souls!

My last request for the hangman!
I want to sing like birds again!
Never worry who listens! Merchant of souls!

Merchant of souls.


released August 10, 2022
All words and music by Michael Bradley
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Laine Pierce
Copyright ©2007 FurnaceSongs (ASCAP)


all rights reserved