The Eyes of Others

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I am contacting you hoping you can help me with some information. I came across the song "The eyes of others" - Myssouri on Spotify, which is an absolutely fantastic song, however, I could not find the lyrics for this beautiful song anywhere on the web, and as much as I tried to figure them out, I still don't understand a few of them.
Would it be possible for you to send me the lyrics? I would be eternally grateful for your help.
Thank you so much and keep up with the amazing work you do.
Best regards,
P.S. Also ran into this old gem, nice to see it's still up.

The Eyes of Others by Myssouri

If I sit absolutely still will I vanish from sight?

How can I make my killing in broad daylight?

Crawling through this crowded world, well I’m surrounded and smothered

How can I win back my life from the eyes of others?

From the eyes, from the eyes of others

On the face of a smirking child am I judged and tried?

And it’s like watching my grave defiled, defiled before I’ve died, before I’ve died

Am I Cain? Am I unable? Unable to love my brother?

Have I been branded? Stained? Stamped? Labeled? In the eyes of others?

In the eyes, in the eyes of others

In a dirty bathroom, in a dirty mirror

I wipe it with my sleeve to see it clearer

But I get lost in the threshold between myself and another

And I awaken a smeared spectacle beneath my mother!

My mother! My mother! My mother!

In the eyes!

Lyrics by Michael Bradley

Copyright©2003 FurnaceSongs (ASCAP)