Antic Clay in Prague

17 August 2018

I’m very excited to play my second solo show in Europe – tonight at Bistro U Veselé Kozy. This, like last December in Budapest, will be a humble acoustic show, as it’s really just coordinated by European friends on my way to a business trip in Denmark. Once the next album is released however, I have absolute ambitions to do a proper tour, with other players, promotion and multiple cities. Meanwhile, if you happen to read this and can come out, or recommend to a Czech friend that they attend, that would be swell.

Set list tonight will likely include many covers, as this looks to be a patio-style gig (rather than a dedicated Antic Clay show). I always hope to please a crowd in that atmosphere, and that typically involves playing some songs they’ll recognize. So I’ll probably include some Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen and such. Once I return from Europe, my next focus is on the actual recording of Broom of Fire, for which I plan to raise funds and lay down tracks in Los Angeles. Best to all, and keep in touch!