Another Great Review of “That Which Watches” by Black Needle Noise with Antic Clay

"The Black Needle Noise excursion for the track “That Which Watches” featuring Antic Clay is a captivating song that fills one with unbridled optimism All the elements of complexity and intense beats that drive Black Needle Noise are present. There is something inherently different about this track however that stands apart from Fryer’s previous work in the project. It’s the resonant feeling you take away from the song after listening. There is a lingering feeling you can take on the world and leave your own lasting mark that differentiates itself. It’s rather unexplainable, but after listening to the music and seeing the beautiful film noir aspect of the accompanying video, perhaps the viewer will walk away with the same feeling. It’s a piece that leaves you with a sense of hope, which is something the world can certainly use right now."