All of our Hands by Joseph Arthur

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Hi Michael,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your music, particularly in the Myssouri formula.

Some of those songs still linger in my head after so many years. Such a shame Myssouri didn’t continue to exist, but I suppose some things aren’t meant to stay that way. Or it wasn’t the right time for it.

I’ve recently rediscovered Myssouri and Antic Clay and the London (UK) spring has suddenly started to feel more melancholic and weary. All this rain and smog makes for a perfect ambiance to listen to Myssouri. It’s both good and bad.

We don’t get a lot of sun during this time of the year, but we learned to make do. Sometimes with music, other times with being our own friends. It’s the recognition that life is not about cheerfulness a lot of the time and that melancholy contributes to our development. It’s part of the realisation that we can’t be all good but also that it’s not about the misery or the grim facts of existence only. We use music to speak to ourselves without using words or logical thoughts. Myssouri is doing the talk in a rich vocabulary.

Despite the low number of views on your Youtube channel, you certainly are a very good and sensible artist and I’m sure that in the future a whole lot more people will come to learn about and appreciate your music. I hope you’ll get that break.

Thank you Leon for a very uplifting comment. I have a flood of new songs coming…stay tuned.

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