Live in Budapest December 8, 2019 Antic Clay (Michael Bradley solo) dives back into wonderful Budapest in a solo show featuring songs from 2020’s forthcoming “Broom of Fire” as well as selections from “Hilarious Death Blues” and covers and who-knows general revelry. The goal is to take the whole band back to Europe in late 2020.


Hello, We’re very pleased to announce the first full-band performance of Antic Clay in forever. With all-new material, working out the individual songs from the upcoming album Broom of Fire. This is the new beginning. I’ll need to be much more active on this website now that we’re gaining momentum. Links: event: ticket: 529 page: …

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Another Great Review of “That Which Watches” by Black Needle Noise with Antic Clay

“The Black Needle Noise excursion for the track “That Which Watches” featuring Antic Clay is a captivating song that fills one with unbridled optimism All the elements of complexity and intense beats that drive Black Needle Noise are present. There is something inherently different about this track however that stands apart from Fryer’s previous work in the project. It’s the resonant …

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Echosynthetic Reviews “That Which Watches” “Our latest destination features the songwriting and vocal talents of Antic Clay. He tells a tale as old as time…that of good and evil and the ever-watching eye judging all that he sees. “That Which Watches” unfolds like an Old Testament story as told through the lens of off the beaten path Americana. …

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Isaiah by Children (1989)

4-track recording, circa 1989. CHILDREN released one cassette in 1988, “Sleep.” This and others to come are previously unreleased recordings, before Children evolved into Alabaster, Alabaster changed to Myssouri when Michael Bradley moved to Atlanta; when Myssouri dissipated Bradley continued as Antic Clay.  

Singing Bowie

On Monday night I participated for the first time with this group that performs tribute nights regularly. This one was for Bowie’s birthday, as well as Elvis Presley’s. Actually, was it also Elvis’ birthday – yes it was! Strange how huge cultural icons have so many remoras of info swirling around them, one is bound …

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Last Night in Budapest

Thank you to dr. Halász Gábor for the photos. More to come – it was a packed room with a very enthusiastic audience. It was an honor to play to people across the world who actually know and love my original songs. Positively inspired; I will return.

Antic Clay Live in Budapest, December 8 2017

“A legkisebb kavics is hosszú éles ceruzavonást rajzol a homokba és az emberek meg a lovuk messze eléjük nyúló fekete árnya akárha az éjszaka emléke amit maguk mögött hagytak mely csápjaival utánuk nyúl és az újra rájuk váró sötétséghez köti őket. Fejüket lehorgasztva lovagoltak arctalan a szemükbe húzott kalap alatt mint egy álmában menetelő hadsereg.” …

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The Standard Is Poor

Hello! I’m happy to announce I’ll be playing a show somewhere in Budapest in early December. Details on that to come. Meanwhile, here’s a new original from the forthcoming album. Rough draft. Feedback welcome. Well, maybe. 🙂  

Antic Clay featured on Italian “Radio Blackout”

Backwards 6/2 “La causa persa della Confederazione” – In questa puntata siamo andati nel sud degli States, per cercare di capire le origini della retorica razzista che si sviluppò a partire dalla fine della guerra di secessione americana.Ad accompagnarci in questo viaggio, la musica di Sixteen Horsepower, Blanche, Antic Clay, Official: Lydia Lunch insieme a Cypress Grove, e tanti altri: