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From the “Jarboe Presents The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult – “Mystagogue” album, released January 29th, 2013 on Atavistic Records.

SING BLOOD is one of four songs contributed by ANTIC CLAY to the Sweet Meat Love & Holy Cult project, which was a collaboration of artists primarily from the southeastern United States but also from such diverse locations as Brazil and Bali.

The project was helmed by Jarboe (of SWANS), who also sang backing vocals on this track.

The physical CD is difficult to find, so I’m happy to share these tracks for the first time on Bandcamp. There are also a few outtakes which weren’t included on Mystagogue that I will upload here. I hope you enjoy them.

SING BLOOD by The Sweet Meat Love & Holy Cult
Written by Antic Clay

You’ll watch your father hanging from a lesser tree.
Their hands all frantic about his business and all love reduced to effigy.
And every visage is all malice and bland catastrophe.
Hate for which there is no ballast but lightless fire and hollow creed. Hey! Sing blood.
Feed the swollen god.
Prod the bodies, lance the lords.
Plunge your song into each advancing horde.
Sing blood! Fuel the rising flood!
Prick and goad the bloated waves,
til something red is wrought from you and tossed into the grave
you crave yeah, along with your song.
Appeased by a yellow need for all to sing along!
So come on! Come on! And sing blood!

You’ll watch your father hang and then you’ll dance on by his grave. You’ll breathe one baleful breath before an idiot makes you a slave. At gunpoint. At moneypoint! To shit. To shine. Touché!
And now you stand here and christen me with a bloody black toupee.
Hey: Sing blood! Fellate the flailing god!
Prod the pumpkins, spear the gourds.
Stroke the warwhale and douse the drowning hordes!
Sing blood! They can’t stanch your song!
All that happens, it happens in spades,
while one red thing is wrought from you and tossed
into the grave where you composed one holy song.
Afraid for tomorrow when they eat your only son!
So come on! Come on! And sing blood!
Come on! Hey come on! And sing blood!

(Sing a shallow gallows song. Sing along to the wrong song.
Around here we devour our own. Around here we eat what we’re shown.
Swing on the gallows, shallow throng. That’s you where the shadow is long.
Down here we devour our own. Down here we eat what we’re thrown.)

Lyrics and Music by Michael Bradley Copyright ©FurnaceSongs (ASCAP)


released January 29, 2013
All instruments and vocals by Michael Bradley except bowed/upright bass by Laine Pierce. Additional vocals by Jarboe.


all rights reserved

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