FurnaceSongs.com back online and other news


I apologize – I’ve been seriously remiss in the realms of self promotion, lazily relying on Youtube and Facebook and ignoring my own website. Well, no more.

This is the publishing hub for Antic Clay, Myssouri or simply Michael Bradley solo music. I also entertain notions of regular blogging – we’ll see. But I hope you’ll sign up for notifications and leave comments, etc.

Good news: I’m back to assembling physical CDs of Antic Clay Hilarious Death Blues. I made a dozen this week – just need to bag/barcode them and ship them to CDBaby in Portland, OR. So that will happen next week, early, promise.

Regarding Antic Clay: Broom of Fire. Yes, it’s going to happen, by hook or by crook. All songs are written; I need to get into the studio, and recruit a few players.

Regarding studio, one possible step will be tomorrow, when I visit a new studio and track vocals and guitars for another collaboration with John Fryer and his Black Needle Noise project.

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