A Benefit for Destiny

Tonight in Atlanta, at the Star Community Bar – I will open the night with a set of (mostly) new original songs. This will be much like my show in Budapest – but hopefully more capably performed (:)) The headlining act, Hi-Test, is scorching rockabilly and I’m pretty sure my songs will be surprisingly heavy and dark for the event. And not on purpose. But I’m sticking with what music comes out of me – I think that authenticity is what matters. It’s noteworthy that it’s a fundraiser for an old friend named Destiny Ronay, who experienced some major health issues last year and underwent major surgery and hospitalization. So maybe me as opener will be like that darkness into which she was plunged, and Johnny and Hi-Test will be the glad victory into which she emerged.

If you live in Atlanta – come on out! https://www.facebook.com/events/2018864401703293/


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